5 thoughts on “History as PR and the need to see science in context

  1. Really enjoyed this. Science influences culture in a massive way.

    Have you read Paul Johnson’s ‘A History of the Modern World’? He explores the impact Einstein’s theory of relativity had upon morality. Fascinating.

    1. Thanks. Also culture influences science in a massive way. You can’t have one without the other.
      Yes I have read Johnson’s book. It’s interesting that he sees Einstein as the start of the modern world (and so start of his book), but from what I remember of the book I don’t think he looks much at science after that. I would put start of “modernity” much earlier and I’m also not so sure about a simple impact on morality. If you are fascinated by Einstein and culture (particularly popular culture) do take a look at Katy Price’s “Loving Faster than Light: Romance and Readers in Einstein’s Universe”. Highly recommended.

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