Peter Broks

I have been studying popular science for more than thirty years. This includes the history of popular science as well as  cultural and media studies, and engaging with current issues related to science communication. For my reflections on thirty years  of science communication see the series of posts “More than the Echo”:

1. Shout Louder

2. Ideological Science Communication

3. Into the Science Wars

4. Listen for the Echo

5. User-generated Science

As well as writing a range of papers on science, media and culture I am the author of two books:

Understanding Popular Science (Open University Press, 2006)

Media Science before the Great War (MacMillan 1996)

You can see a video of my talk at the “Trust in Science” workshop held in Toronto – “Trust Me I’m a Patient: experiential expertise as a way to open up science-public dialogues

My latest projects are:

  • Filby: a fictionalised account of scientific and technological developments in 1895 (see Filby: who is Filby? and Filby: opening
  • The Republic of Science: an examination of the public’s relationship with science through looking at the way that scientists were invented, made themselves disappear and the dangers this poses for our future.
  • Borderlands, where science meets everything else: an attempt to replace Snow’s “Two Cultures” with a perspective that reveals the messy interactions between science and the human world in which it is embedded.

Before my academic career I also worked as a journalist and freelance photographer.

I am currently doing research as part of the project management team for NUCLEUS. This is a four-year, international project that aims to embed Responsible Research and Innovation into universities and scientific institutions.

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