Here you will find links to more extensive pieces of writing (too long for a normal post). Some of these have been published elsewhere others are parts of work in progress.

Deficit deficiencies. In this extract from my book Understanding Popular Science I present a critique of the “deficit model” and argue that just as popular science can be seen as a way to legitimate science so too can this model of science communication

“The authority of science and the postmodern reformation”, first published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews June 2003, pp76-82

“Trust me I’m a patient”, first published in Wavelength, May 1999, pp. 8-10. [for more on Androgen Insensitivity please visit the AIS Support Group website at www.aissg.org ]

The Popularisation of Science: 1890-1914 is a chapter taken from my book Media Science Before the Great War. It is mostly based on a survey of eight mass circulation magazines but does sometimes range a little more widely.

“Filby” is work in progress. It uses the character of Filby from H.G. Wells’s story The Time Machine as a way of exploring the real and imaginary in Victorian visions of science and technology.

Ice on the Thames opening that introduces the character of Filby

Filby: who is Filby? (First presented as part of a paper for the International Society for Cultural History annual conference on “Cultural Histories: close readings, critical syntheses”, University of Turku, May 2010.

The Anthropic Atlas first appeared in Wavelength, December 1992, p.8.


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