Here you will find links to more extensive pieces of writing (too long for a normal post). Some of these have been published elsewhere others are parts of work in progress.

Conceptual Space – this is the final chapter of my book Understanding Popular Science. It gives an overview of the previous chapters, and introduces the idea of “conceptual space” (including a look at the relationship between science and democracy). 

Deficit deficiencies. In this extract from my book Understanding Popular Science I present a critique of the “deficit model” and argue that just as popular science can be seen as a way to legitimate science so too can this model of science communication.

The RRI Landscape is very much work in progress. My recent research has been into Responsible Research and Innovation. Here I have tried to put some of my notes and thoughts into some kind of order.

“The authority of science and the postmodern reformation”, first published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews June 2003, pp76-82

“Trust me I’m a patient”, first published in Wavelength, May 1999, pp. 8-10. [for more on Androgen Insensitivity please visit the AIS Support Group website at www.aissg.org ]

The Popularisation of Science: 1890-1914 is a chapter taken from my book Media Science Before the Great War. It is mostly based on a survey of eight mass circulation magazines but does sometimes range a little more widely.

“Filby” is work in progress. It uses the character of Filby from H.G. Wells’s story The Time Machine as a way of exploring the real and imaginary in Victorian visions of science and technology.

  • Ice on the Thames opening that introduces the character of Filby
  • Filby: who is Filby? (First presented as part of a paper for the International Society for Cultural History annual conference on “Cultural Histories: close readings, critical syntheses”, University of Turku, May 2010.

The Anthropic Atlas first appeared in Wavelength, December 1992, p.8.

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