As it is Christmas how about a little bit of Morecambe and Wise… a response to those who might want to decontextualise scientific knowledge. Among the comedy duo’s many catch-phrases and recurring visual gags was the one where Eric would swing a Karate chop and press his open hand under Ernie’s chin saying “Get out […]

There should be a version of Godwin’s law that applies to science communication. It would be something like this: “As any discussion of science communication grows longer, the probability of an explanation involving Snow’s Two Cultures approaches 1.” As with Godwin’s original law which highlighted the danger of overusing Nazi analogies in discussion, so too […]

What if the people of London and Paris swapped places? How would each city change? This is a thought experiment suggested by artist Claire Yspol in the following guest post. I am really pleased to be able to present this post which looks at the city as a text, examining not only how it is authored […]

Imagine you can walk at the speed of light. It is difficult to comprehend just how large distances are in astronomy. By shrinking the scales down to something more manageable (eg Sun the size of a melon, grapefruit etc) we are still usually left trying to imagine distances that go far beyond our horizon and […]

Many years ago I stayed with friends in Germany. Early one evening my daughter called through to the kitchen from the living-room, “Dad, the news is on.” My daughter was about four at the time and has never understood a word of German. Even without the necessary spoken or written language she was still able […]


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